Accounts Receivables

One of the most important components of a healthcare organization is the accounts receivable system. It is hugely important to set a management system in place that can accurately trace and record a healthcare enterprise's accounts receivables in user-friendly manner. FHRM offers excellent accounts receivables management services that can expedite the business process, and significantly improve the cash flow scenario that a healthcare organization may find themselves in. Outsourcing the accounts receivable management function has a number of advantages for healthcare providers. At FHRM, we have the technical expertise and experience to generate detailed analyses and reports outlining a company's cash flow. The following are the services we provide:

Insurance Follow-Ups

Many healthcare providers suffer from inadequate insurance follow-up procedures. Healthcare providers rarely have the time and resources to constantly interact with insurance companies regarding unpaid or underpaid claims. These companies inevitably end up losing out on these claims as a result. By hiring FHRM's services, our clients will benefit from constant communication with insurance agencies so as to ensure that all outstanding debts are cleared. In doing so, a company's business process can be greatly accelerated.

Patient Follow-Ups

Fidelity has a dedicated team of professionals focused on interacting with a healthcare provider's patients on a frequent basis to ensure timely payments and zero outstanding debts.

Denial Management

Denial management is a sensitive component of the medical billing process that can hugely affect the accounts receivable system. FHRM's denial management services help healthcare providers identify problems and inadequacies in the medical coding process and other components of medical billing, and implement corrective measures. In doing so, the number of received denials will fall significantly and consequently improve a healthcare provider's cash flow scenario over time. Our services also include generating appeals for claims that have been denied.

Credit Balance Auditing

During the ongoing process of payment collection, a healthcare organization may encounter duplicate or unidentified payments. FHRM offers services that can help reconcile such payments so that finances can be refunded, if need be, according to industry and state regulations.