Appointment Scheduling

FHRM LLP offers organized, well structured, and easy to use scheduling solutions for hospitals, clinics, private practices and physicians. If your organization has been handling large crowds of patients and customers, an automated appointment scheduling system can reduce your workload immensely. By safely storing all appointment information on a secure platform with FHRM, you can integrate your scheduling and billing processes together.

Why Choose Our Scheduling Solution?

At FHRM LLP, we offer software and solutions that are easy to learn and operate without a hassle. Creating organized scheduling software for your medical establishment, there are many reasons to choose our appointment scheduling solution over other offerings:

  • Color coded design:
    The color coded design of the scheduler is easy to learn and use, significantly improving your efficiency. With easy navigation and search options, you can instantly find information with a few simple clicks.
  • Easy to setup and share:
    Our online scheduler can be setup for access by multiple physicians and can be organized for different locations, appointment types and block timings among other preferences. You can also schedule for multiple locations through a single interface.
  • Limited training required:
    The online scheduler is easy to use and can be understood by all employees including computer beginners.
  • Recurring appointments:
    If your patients are required to return on a periodic basis, you no longer have to book each appointment separately or repeatedly. Simply feed in the information to eliminate errors related to scheduling.
  • Options for wait listing:
    With this scheduling software, you can also maintain a wait list if your schedule is too busy. This will help your clinic or hospital run at maximum capacity.
  • All information in one page:
    You don't have to jump from page to page to search for different information on the same patient. The same interface will include everything from insurance eligibility, referral information, payment options, memos, bills and future appointment scheduling options.