Provider Enrollment & Credentialing

Provider enrollment and credentialing can turn into one of the most time-consuming components of the medical billing process unless you have the right management functions in place. It is directly related to the eligibility of a healthcare provider in receiving reimbursement sums from insurance agencies and carriers.

Insurance agencies require detailed credentials and documentation related to the physicians and doctors that healthcare providers employ. Compiling and collating this information cannot be done on a last-minute basis if mistakes, redundancies, and delays are to be avoided.

Why Opt for Our Services?

FHRM provides professional enrollment and credentialing services enabling companies to focus on healthcare related aspects of the organization. Insurance carriers often request for documentation detailing a physician's experience, qualification, training, or medical practice records. Healthcare providers spend excessive amounts of time interacting with insurance agencies and trying to provide adequate documentation, in order to receive re-imbursements.

The time spent in communicating with insurance carriers and gathering enrollment and credentialing information can be detrimental to the cash flow situation that a healthcare provider experiences. Delays or claim denials can slow the business process greatly and adversely affect a company's accounts.

FHRM can act proactively to document and file all the necessary credentials and details that insurance carriers typically request when healthcare organizations make claims. We take great care and spare no effort in ensuring that the flow of information between our clients and insurance agencies is smooth and transparent. In doing so, we can help our clients accelerate their business process and avoid adverse cash flow scenarios.

The process of enrollment and credentialing is a long and complicated one that involves careful preparation and submission of a number of key documents relating to the physicians that a healthcare provider employs. Choose FHRM to improve your business's operational effectiveness.