Eligibility Verification and
Prior Authorization

Insurance verification and eligibility is the first and foremost step in the process of medical billing. When done incorrectly, many claims can face delay or rejection owing to inaccurate or incomplete information during each visit. Additionally, the claim is also largely dependent on the updated information filled in by the previous medical establishment.

Why Should You Verify Insurance Eligibility?

Updates and policy changes on insurance policies are a common occurrence with most insurance companies that is why verification is considered important. To make the best of the existing or updated insurance policy, it is important for the medical billing process to progress smoothly and efficiently. After the details of the insurance coverage are confirmed, claims are accepted on the first submission. However, inefficient or improper claims can lead to non-verification and rework, leading to patient dissatisfaction and increased errors.

Insurance eligibility verification is of great importance for all medical establishments and that's where FHRM can step in for help:

  • We can minimize client revenue cycle
  • We can improve collections by eliminating write-offs
  • We can minimize denials and delay significantly

Effective insurance verification conducted by our experts at FHRM ensures that the receivable cycle for your clients are minimized and all insurance claims are clean and approved. With efficient processing, we can also ensure that you do not face any delay in payment and allow you to make the best of the insurance policy, saving time and effort.

Our Process of Insurance Verification

Our scheduling solutions allow us to view patient details through email or fax. After gathering necessary information, we make calls to payers and check for authorized insurance portals. After we have received the latest information on the claim, we update the online portal with verification and eligibility details including coverage period, payment options, member and group IDs and other benefits. If we notice any irregularities in the claim, we contact your organization immediately